The transition

January 01, 2019

the transition

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A return to his roots

We get sent this lovely press release (below- scroll through) by Nic Dougall as he announces his return to Triathlon- where he was a junior world champion. Ok so firstly, this is awesome, because really, what is better than seeing athletes take charge of their own futures. We got right in there and asked Nic a few extra questions about what it will take to make it in the world of Triathlon:


Is swimming like underwater cycling?

It’s like cycling but you can only breathe every four pedal strokes and you’re basically naked.

Is your hair aerodynamic? It’s yet to be tested but I have an alternate aerodynamic position based around my hair just in case we regress back to the helmetless era (see naked Cipo photos for reference).


What’s the biggest strangest thing going from a team sport to an individual sport?

The weirdest thing is going to be thinking only about myself. Almost every race I did as a cyclist was based around getting someone else to where they needed to be and now it’s going to be all about me.

It’s exciting and scary all at the same time to only focus on yourself. Also not having to share a shower with 8 other guys after the race is going to be pretty sweet.

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